How to keep your body pure

People who die painfully is because they have accident, disease and bodily harm. They have disease is because their body is not pure. Just not letting bacteria and virus getting inside your body does not guarantee you don't have disease. As a matter of fact, most of the diseases people have nowadays are from bodily harm developed slowly inside their body. And toxics are responsible for a large part of their bodily harm. Keeping your body pure is an important part of keeping yourself healthy and die without pain and suffering.

How to die naturally

To die during sleep without disease, accident or bodily harm is to die naturally. To die naturally we will not have pain and suffering. To die naturally, we must live naturally and keep our body pure.

Lifting up your body immunity

The strength of our immune system determines our ability to fight the bacteria and virus that attack us daily and protects us from the growth of abnormal cells. Sometimes the immune system fails to activate itself quickly enough to outpace the reproductive rate of a certain bacteria, or the bacteria is producing a toxin so quickly that it causes a permanent damage before the immune system could eliminate the bacteria. In these cases, it would be better to help the immune system by killing the offending bacteria directly. In fact, it is the best method to fight the bacteria and virus, not by using drug. Drug has toxin that is no good to the body. Drug has side effect that can create other medical problem. Doctor visit and drug are expensive.

Problem can be good and how to handle them

Problem help you to find and follow alternate methods,
which may lead you to bigger and better things. If the
typewriter ribbon breaks in the middle of a report that's
due in 30 minutes, the boss may understand the situation
is not your fault and grant you extra time to complete it.
This extra time may be what you need to take off the
pressure and help you relax to do a better job.

Your Personal Safety

The world we live in today is much safer than the one known by
your parents and grandparents. Even considering the constant
bombardment of news to the contrary, the government and industry
have taken some major steps to protect us all. In almost
everything we do, we are surrounded by protection based on
safety experience from the past.

Getting fat.....

Fat problem is a common health problem in the United States. Getting too fat become obesity. The complications of obesity shorten life. Obesity put stress on the body, increase the risk that certain diseases will develop, and worsen existing illnesses. Bones and joints must support extra weight, and the heart and lung must work harder. Fat tissue crowd the organs and reduce their efficiency. Often, obese people have accompanying psychological and social problems, though it may be difficult to determine whether these are cause or effect.