Problem can be good and how to handle them

Problem help you to find and follow alternate methods,
which may lead you to bigger and better things. If the
typewriter ribbon breaks in the middle of a report that's
due in 30 minutes, the boss may understand the situation
is not your fault and grant you extra time to complete it.
This extra time may be what you need to take off the
pressure and help you relax to do a better job.

Problem are the first step in a new invention. Dr.
Scholl's foot medications would not be around if people
had not had problem with corns, calluses and other
ailments. We wouldn't have automobiles today if people
had not had problem getting from place to place quickly.
Every single invention was created because people had
problem with something, so problem can really be

Problem help you to meet new friends. If you are
recently divorced, you may join a group and meet some
wonderful friends that will bring you into a better life
than the life you were living previously. If you have
a problem getting back and forth to work, you may decide
to join a carpool and save money while meeting others.

Problem are a learning experience. You don't
actually realize that fire burns until you get burned with
it! Unless a problem occurs, you do not learn why
something happens the way it does. You cannot change your
viewpoints and opinions unless you experience problem
first hand.

Problem make you to become active in helping
others. The organization M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk
Drivers) would have never been born if the founder didn't
lose her daughter in a car accident caused by a drunk
driver. That one death has literally changed all the drunk
driving laws throughout the United States and saved
MILLIONS of lives!

Without problem, we couldn't solve a lot of future
turmoil and save people a lot of money in business. Any
company that introduces a new product will hire people to
try it out before it is introduced to the market. These
people report the problem they find and the company
refines it until it's right. Without problem developing
early in these tests, the company could never
improve and fine tune their product to perfection.

Problem and mistakes are also a blessing in disguise. For
instance, Post-It(R) Notes would never have been made
possible unless the guy at the factory didn't mess up
mixing the glue recipe. Sure, this is an isolated
incident, but it shows just how important mistakes and
problem can be.

However, most people have some perceived notion that
making a mistake or having a problem is "bad." Instead of
looking for ways to SOLVE the problem, they try and live
with it, cover it up and conform their life to accept it.

This is silly! There is no problem that can't be solved.
There is a solution to every single problem you can think
of. The solution may not always be what you want it to be
_ but it's a solution just the same.

And covering it up is like putting a piece of foil over a
piece of spoiled meat and expecting it not to draw
maggots. You have to dispose of the entire thing before
you are finally rid of the problem. Attack the core of the
problem! Dig until you uncover it! Face facts! Admit you
have problem! Stop trying to make people think you are
problem-free. It's unnatural! Where the recognition comes
in from people you are trying to impress is when you
SOLVE problem by facing them and inventing a solution.

So, next time you have a problem, look at it logically and
with enthusiasm. That may sound a little strange but most
problem can be dealt with this way. Love the fact that
you have problem because they will give you something to
work on and solve. They also will give you a way to invent
new ways of doing something - new ways that will save you
time and make you happier with your life. And when you
solve problem, you not only gain experience in solving
other problem as they occur, but you build respect for
yourself. Then you can have the admiration of all those
people you originally started out trying to impress and
gain recognition from if you still care about having it.

You also will find that when you look at problem with a
POSITIVE mind, you will accomplish more, relieve stress
and combat fear which is the worst enemy and destroyer
of all!