How to die naturally

To die during sleep without disease, accident or bodily harm is to die naturally. To die naturally we will not have pain and suffering. To die naturally, we must live naturally and keep our body pure.

We also have to watch out danger from accident or bodily harm inflicted upon us from other people or other substance. We have to watch out the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the kind of people we deal with. We also have to control our own temper. If we don't, we can easily have toxin and stress to our body. They are harmful to our body.

To avoid food toxin, it is better to eat real organic food without unhealthy food additives.

It is especially harmful to our body if we smoke. Smoking hurt our lung and respiratory system. It may even cause cancer. It is especially harmful to our body if we drink hard liquor. It hurt our liver and digestive system. It is especially harmful to our body if we take drug - all kind of drugs, even the kind of drug the doctor prescribed for us or they sell them over the counter. All drug have toxins.

If we have a pure body, we do not have disease. Then we do not need drug. If our body are not pure or we have bodily harm, then we can get disease easily. Avoid to have disease at all times. Occasionally, We are not careful and catch cold. At this point of our technology, we still do not have drug that can cure cold. Those drug for cold on the market are just to relieve the symptoms, if they can do anything. The immune system of our body usually can fight the cold virus and let us get over with the cold in a few days. If you don't, you might need to see a doctor. If you need to see a doctor for a cold, it means that your body is probably not pure or you have bodily harm inside your system.

We must avoid prolong contact with certain kind of vapor, gas, liquor and solid chemical. Stay away from radioactive material. They can do us bodily harm or even death. Observe the above, then we can die naturally without pain and suffering in our sleep.