How to keep your body pure

People who die painfully is because they have accident, disease and bodily harm. They have disease is because their body is not pure. Just not letting bacteria and virus getting inside your body does not guarantee you don't have disease. As a matter of fact, most of the diseases people have nowadays are from bodily harm developed slowly inside their body. And toxics are responsible for a large part of their bodily harm. Keeping your body pure is an important part of keeping yourself healthy and die without pain and suffering.

Toxics are substance that your body do not need. There are two kinds of toxics that can harm your body. One is toxin and the other is toxicant.

Toxin is a poisonous substance produced by cells or organisms. The ‘good’ bacteria living inside your body called microflora can produce toxin. The ’bad’ bacteria and mold that get into your body and make you sick also produce toxin. Parasitic infestation such as roundworm produce toxin. Some foods also contain toxin as part of their chemical make-up. Even your body cell also release some kind of toxin in the process of metabolism.

Toxicant is a poisonous substance that is not related with life process. They are chemical substance that enter your body and your healthy body don’t need them.

Nowadays most of our food are grown with synthetic fertilizer with the help of pesticide, insecticide and herbicide. These man-made chemicals are absorbed by the grain and vegetable as they grow. The cattle that we eat are also fed with these non-organic food. Some cattle are also given hormones and drug such as tranquilizer. Most of the food available on the market are these non-organic grain, vegetable and cattle which contain toxicant.

Some food additive are chemical substance made by man. Most of these man-made chemical substance are toxicant that our body don’t need. Please see my other article Food Additive.

The way we prepare our food can also produce toxicant. For example, when your food is overcooked and get burned. It produce a substance that can cause you cancer if you let enough of it get inside your body.

Food can become contaminated when placed in containers made with toxic materials, lead poisoning can occur from an earthenware pitcher used to store orange juice. Copper poisoning from soft drinks dispensed through tubing that has eroded to its copper base.

Most of the drug are man-made chemical that your healthy body don’t need. The term that describe the chemical that can harm your body is called side-effect. Too much drug can hurt your kidney. A damaged kidney is the cause of osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Drinking polluted water are another way that toxicant can enter your body through your mouth.

Smoke produced by factory and vehicle contain poisonous gas and particle such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide that can be harmful or fatal to your body.

Direct contact of some chemical with your skin can also harm your skin and enter your body.

As you can see, there are so many toxics can enter into or develop inside your body. Your body is under tremendous stress. You should help your body to get rid of them as soon as possible. Do not let them stay inside your body. The longer they stay the more they harm.

The better policy is don’t let them get inside your body. Avoid man-made food additive and eat only organic food. To help getting rid of them, drink enough water, wash your hand, brush your teeth and take bath often. Get rid of your urine and feces as soon as they develop. And most importantly, watch what kind of food you eat as some kind of food can help your body to get rid of them.

(1) Mung bean can hurry the metabolism with pesticide and heavy metal so that they can be excreted as soon as possible.

(2) Fiber can help our bowel movement so that our waste do not stay inside your body too long.

(3) Carrot can help our liver getting rid of mercury and heavy metal by combining with them to form a chemical that our blood do not absorb them.

(4) Tea contain anti-oxidant that can help getting ride of free radical.

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